I am going to start blogging again.
I've decided I like the effort that goes into blogging, it's a little more laborious then hitting the reblog button on every comely picture I like and I really want/hope/think I can stick to it this time. There's a little more motivation behind me this time as my latest university project, or competition almost, involves starting a blog. I don't know what I'll even be blogging about yet but the sooner I get started the better, I'm hoping to just find my voice along the way.

This isn't going to be another vanity project, I have acne, I'm not very good at make up, nor hair, I bite my nails and can't paint them very well, a far cry from the beautiful faces I personally follow so I'll leave the beauty stuff to everyone else. The content will probably, primarily be fashion based, it's what I study, it's what I love but I tend to drift into curiosity towards all sorts of things so whatever , we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, to any new faces, My name is Aimee Bergstrom, I'm 19 years old, studying fashion promotion at Rochester, UCA. Do say hello, add me on twitter and so on, I'm an alright girl.

also part of the competition involves gaining a following, so go tell fire to the mountain.

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