Top: COS  Dungarees: Blitz Vintage  Old Converse
I'm sorry it's such a boring outfit but my face is still horrendous so if I'm getting dressed and leaving the house it's only to pop to the shops for pepsi and sweets to cheer myself up. It's really irritating me how it looks like I need to pull my top down in the second photograph but this was the best of the bunch as all the others where out of focus for some reason, stupid camera. Also the fact I am wearing trainers must be overwhelming for my feet right now as I usually "don't do" flat shoes. The top is yet another little purchase from COS, I'm such a sucker for a Breton stripe tee and this just feels like silk and fits like a dream, evidently I'm still not shopping anywhere else haha. 

B L I T Z  V I N T A G E
I thought I'd also make this a little post about Blitz Vintage, a picture of me in these dungarees sort of did the rounds on Tumblr and I got a ton of ask's on where I got them from, I know ALL vintage shops sell dungarees now days but i've always found them to be huge in size and not just for dungarees but vintage clothes in general, Blitz is probably my favourite vintage store in London. Blitz is "the first vintage department store" just off Brick Lane (it was even in the last episode of Made in Chelsea). Anyway, I always get jealous of other peoples incredible finds from vintage stores but when it comes to me I never find a thing and it's mainly because I just do not have the patience to looks through all the hords of clothes, this is where Blitz is like heaven on earth, all their clothes are separated so if you want a floral shirt, they'll be on a rail of floral shirts, everything is completely organised and conveniently separated, so all the leathers shorts are separated from the leather skirts, even patterns are kept separate making it just so much easier and half as laborious to look through, I know most vintage shops are sort of like this but I think it's just the sheer size and use of space of the shop that makes Blitz far superior, it's all very victorian warehouse like and there's a cute little tea room inside that sell the best biscuits, It stocks guys and girls and the staff have always been super friendly every time I've been too.


  1. Love this outfit, simple and just cute.


  2. I've been to Blitz! It really is the best.

  3. Really reeeeeally into this. About to follow you!


  4. I love Blitz so much!! I spied some dungarees there, must go back and get some!


  5. the dungarees are so cute! x

  6. STOP MAKING ME GO ON THE COS WEBSITE! I can't take it. I love dungarees until I need a wee xxxx

  7. These dungarees are so beautiful! I've never found the right pair for myself yet...

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  8. love the dungarees :')
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Oh it's Juno

  9. Yet again such an amazing outfit! I love the top so much & it looks amazing with the dunagrees! xx

  10. Such a good striped top! simple outfits sometimes are the best, they are the mix of the perfect basics and look so bloody good!

    I haven't been to Blitz yet but it sounds like a dream! I get annoyed when I have to search through thousands of oddly smelling dresses to find a dream dress...
    lovely blog by the way!


  11. this combination it's amazing! I love jeans jumpsuit so much!