Usually my wishlists are thing's I'm lusting over but seeing as I sent my COS jacket back this is more of a "what I got in the sales" post, all of this came to the same cost as the jacket so it was a good deal I'd say. But look guys!, everything is colourful! I don't know if I've hit my head on a rock but I've managed to avoid any type of black and white old drab I usually go for, maybe cheap prices make me a little more erratic than usual. Saying that I'm such an O.C.D freak with layout and art direction that the fact the colours of everything do not match on the image is killing me, I'm starting to panic that when shopping online I might actually start to consider what they'll look like as images next to each other, oh god is blogging taking over my life and all my clothes are going to be one matching colour, send help.

1. I only saw the Topshop sale at midday so I wasn't expecting to find any decent buys but it all went downhill after adding this to my basket as I just didn't seem to stop after that,  I  have wanted this top for ages after trying it on a while back and it's still available in S/M! 

2. I'm a little unsure if anything asymmetrical will suit me but the print is lovely and it will be nice to have something with a bit of a colour in it for summer. I'm not too sure if this is "lingerie" or meant as a dress  as it's that silky nightie material but we'll see, I often wear underwear for tops during the day so no one will think anything of it
3. OK I think this is one of those things that I love and everyone else thinks is ridiculously hideous but I think it will be super cute on holiday or somewhere, maybe with dungarees or an A-line skirt?, It does look like it belongs to a 6 year old but I think that's what I like about it, feel free to tell me it's hideous and needs to be returned right away.

4. I had to order this as I couldn't believe it was in the sale with small sizes still available, usually any decent top is marked down because there's only size 16's left, I mean maybe it's just a hideous top and I have terrible taste but whatever, I think this will be gorgeous on evenings when we finally get our summer! and I'm chuffed that I finally found something I like in my size.

5. Such a naughty little pointless buy but this is a bit more stylish than my current pound land laptop sleeve, it's served me well but it has enough food and tea stains on it that I'm due an upgrade so I thought I might as well treat myself if I'm already making an order

6. So this doesn't really match anything else on the wishlist but it's only £4 from Dorothy Perkins and I love it, I posted a photo in one of my earlier posts wearing a leopard print belt which was vintage, that's now falling to pieces so this will be a slightly better quality replacement

7. I left these on from my last wishlist as they have gone in the sale now for half price woo!


  1. I love your sale wishlist! Wish I saw the heart bralet before I ordered!

  2. Eeeeeep I literally just attacked topshop sale, have everything saved for when I get paid at 12 tonight...I hope they don't sell out!!!


  3. Love the T-shirt!


  4. Seriously love these picks and your blog so much! You have such good taste! I'm a massive Cos fan & can't wait to have a look round the one in London when I move, the jumper you ordered is just incredible :) Also your hair is amazing, so beautiful :) x

    1. Aww this is the sweetest comment thank you so much, Ah awesome, the one in regent street is lovely !, thank you so much

  5. Love all these picks! They all look so perfect for summer! Also love the sandals! xx