T H E  B L A C K  B A G
I am in desperate need of a small day bag, just something neat and simple to use everyday as I've fallen into the habit of living out of my handbag, I take the same satchel everywhere, no matter where I'm going, from university or just popping to Tesco's this bag of crap has to come with me, even if all I need is my purse and keys the whole bag still has to come because I can't bare to empty bits out of it just incase I forget to put them back in or it's something I'll think I'll need another time. I'm also the sort of girl that could never leave the house without a bag, I don't know why but I've always said never trust a woman who doesn't carry a handbag. So to solve all this I just really want a nice practical sized bag to fit just the daily necessities, I'm pretty sure this will also do my posture the world of good as my shoulder's going to have a permanent dent in it soon if I don't stop lugging around so much pointless weight. I'm currently between this Topshop studded bag or the boohoo bag, I can't decide? I want something that doesn't look too much like an evening clutch, Celine and Commes des Garcon  both do a perfect simple small black bag that I've been using as reference but I unfortunately don't have the budget to match my taste so this is my selection of high street alternatives, I think I'll probably go for the one from Boohoo, I've never ordered anything from there but it's exactly what I'm after for £18, but then the topshop one does look so much nicer , help me!. 

1. Topshop Studded Clutch 2. Forever 21 Metal Trim Bag 3. Topshop Duffle Bag 4. Topshop Cross body Clutch  5. COS  Leather Bag 6. Boohoo Metal Trim Satchel
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  1. I can't understand why some women don't have a handbag! It's just weird. I personal like number 3, and I also like the metal trim bags 2 and 6 xx

    1. Haha I just look at them like "where do you keep all your things" yeah I really like number 2 as well but it's forever 21, i've got a feeling it might look nice in picture but be quite cheap looking in real life? that's why I always tend to stick to Topshop or Zara

  2. Perfect collection of clutches! I'm in love with all of this. Incredible ! Kiss x


  3. I feel your pain! My trusty university/work/party/everything bag broke recently I haven't gotten round to finding that perfect black bag to replace it! The COS one is perfect!

  4. love this! I've been searching for the most plain, simple black leather bag possible and can't find it!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

  5. Ah, I could do with a black bag...will go with any outfit!

  6. Wow so much love for your blog! Love these bags, the studded one is amazing!

    Emma x

  7. Hi, I found you on style bubble, thought I'd check out your blog, and it turned out to be very inspirational. I always have a bag problem, I have a full time job, and I do a private job in the evening and I model too, so I am always faffing about. I love the collection on your post, looks so classy.

    i am following your blog now, hope you can do the same if you like my blog and I would really welcome your comments as well.