(images i've recently pinned, sources via my account)

What with the miserable weather and running out of things to look at on the internet,  I've spent the day getting into using Pinterest! it's taken me a while as I originally avoided it because I could't be bothered with yet another social media account in my name, however, recently I've been seeing a bunch of articles on sites like Independent fashion bloggers about using Pinterest in sync with blogging so I thought i'd give it a go.  

I'm sure reading this you're probably thinking how "late" I am to jump on the wagon and I am totally clueless as to how many people I follow/follow me even use Pinterest but now I've got the hang of it I'm starting to love it,  It's obviously a great platform for inspiration and best of all It's an excellent tool to completely de-clutter my MacBook, if I see an image I like I just used to save it, never write down who it's by, what it is or where it's from, just save it, so it can sit adequately useless in my downloads folder so now I'm "pinning" everything I like the look of so I can still find it's source. After a single day I've already gone a bit OCD on organisation and boards,  send help. 

Does anyone like Pinterest and always use it? or is a case of using it for a couple of days and forgetting all about it?


  1. I only started using Pinterest yesterday and I'm not too sure what I'm meant to do with it... Once I get what it's all about then I'll probably be pinning left, right, and centre.

  2. I made an account and have NO idea what to do:( it all seems so confusing and cluttered to me, but the photos above are all lovely and arranged in a gorgeous way. I loveee your blog. I think the name is amazing, i love anything Neon. Very cool :)


  3. Love your blog! come by and let's follow each other:)!!

  4. Hi! I like your blog! we may follow each other, if u want! I'll be very happy!)


  5. I haven't made a Pinterest because I too don't want another social media account to keep track of, but I might end up trying it out, especially after reading what you have to say about it.
    Anyway, these photos are amazing.
    Eccentric Daydream