1 & 2 | My skin is super sensitive/prone to acne & breakouts so I'm always SO couscous using cleansers that aren't from a pharmacy, so far I am unbelievably impressed with both of these and origins skin care in general, they haven't irritated my skin in the slightest and (minus the two healing burns on my face) my skin is looking the best it's been for ages. The cleanser is really gentle and has already helped to control any oily/combination skin and best of all it hasn't caused me to break out !. I can't say my pores have improved but it's still early days. Prior to this I always used RENS clarifying toner which now feels like a massive waste of money compared to this, REN didn't harm my skin but nor did it improve it, making it effectively pointless. This toner is aimed at minimising pores, so far my t-zone looks alot clearer, especially around the edges of my nose,  again my pores haven't reduced in size but it's only been just over a week, it's a light toner with a slight tingle on application, but in my eyes that only makes it feel like it's working, I definitely prefer this over the REN toner already and again, it hasn't caused any breakouts or irritation and leaves your skin feeling really clean and smooth.

3 | This is by far my favourite of the origin masks, I've tried the Out of Trouble mask but found this one a lot more effective, originally it really tingled on application making me think it was too harsh for my skin but it wasn't at all and completely soothed my face.  This one seems ideal for any skin type and leaves your skin feeling INCREDIBLY  clean, so far I've been using once or week or if my skin starts to look like it's about to break out and it's really helped minimize the number of odd spots and redness I usually get, definitely a  perfect product after a heavy weekend.  The best bit is it doesn't have a horrific scent like most refining masks !, at £20 it may seem pricey for just a mask but it seems so worth the money as it's hard to find a product that doesn't irritate my skin and using it only once a week I can see it lasting ages before I need a new one.

4 | I definitely thought this product would be too harsh for my skin but this is one of the only exfoliators I've used that hasn't left my skin looking red/chaffed, I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week but it has really helped with the dry skin around my nose and it leaves your skin feeling incredibly clean and smooth.

5 | If I'm honest this is the only Origins product I've been disappointed in,  it did bring down the redness and inflammatory from a breakout on my forehead but it took a few days and applications through out the day, the product did work eventually but at £13 I'm sure their are cheaper alternatives that do the same job or with quicker results. I do give it that at only 10ml I thought this would last about two weeks but i've had it over a month now and there is still over half the product left. Overall it is quite a nice gel / soothing spot remover but I found there were no dramatic improvements and the product is very drying on your skin. I think this is best used to target single spots in reducing inflammatory rather than larger breakouts.

6 | I don't think I particularly need an eye cream, I've never suffered from dark circles or bags but this came as a free sample , if anything my eye lids are quite heavy so I've been applying it to those, it really does brighten the area around your eyes and has a nice smooth texture, I personally would never feel the need to buy an eye cream but for anyone with tired/dark circles around their eyes I'd definitely say this is worth giving a go, for someone who doesn't need an eye cream I've found I've been using this everyday since I go it, it's really light and delicate for around the eyes and it's helped make me look that little bit more alive for work in the morning.

7 | This was another free sample but I've found a little goes a long way this moisturiser, it's very lightweight and with a SPF 25 I've been swapping this on days I can't be bothered to wear a heavy sunblock. I definitely want to buy this as my main moisturiser when this runs out,  the smell is really nice and refreshing and it hasn't made my skin oily at all and again it hasn't caused my skin to breakout  leaving it with a nice healthy glow

8, 9, 10 | I'm yet to use the first two samples but if you make an order from the Origins site at the moment you receive a trio of free samples and two saches of your choice. The Mega Bright is the one I was really dying for. I must have used the sachet in literally one go so there wasn't enough product to see a result but pigmentation creams are what I spend my money on most, I've tried everything from cliniques dark spot remover, bio oil, khiels, everything and this one has been my on my wish list for ages, after seeing such great results from all the other origins products I really do have high hopes for it  but at £46 I just can't commit to buying it (need more free samples). I definitely hope to get it at some point as after one application it left my skin radiant and has an incredibly smooth texture, almost like a make up a primer,  I have a lot of severe dark spots and so far nothing has budged them, there are a ton of five star reviews on the origins website of this so if anyone has tried it let me know.....

Overall I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin since switching to Origins, It seemed silly doing reviews when there are so many others elsewhere but it's always from people with really good skin, so I thought this is coming from someone with incredibly troubled skin, prone to breakouts and redness , so if origins hasn't irritated my skin then I can't see it being harmful on anyones haha. I've actually found my skin has become a lot less sensitive since having a routine where I am using all the same range of skin care, before i was mixing clarins with ren and then my prescribed lotion, it was hard to tell what was working and what was irritating my skin, now it just seems a lot clearer and I've had a hell of a lot less spots, it's really upsetting that I have the two burn marks on my face because right now my skin would probably be the clearest it's ever been otherwise. So if anyone uses origins or has any opinions of other products let me know :)


  1. love this post, I've got the clear improvements mask and eyecream but tempted to try the Modern Friction now too. I also have acne and I agree it's good seeing these products reviewed by someone who doesn't have normally good skin :) xo

    1. Aw thank you for commenting!, I know it really annoys me when I read great reviews on products but I can't risk wasting money on it as I it will probably irritate my skin, I don't know what exfoliator you use at the moment but i used to use the Apricot scrub and despite everyone raging about that it really was too harsh for my skin, this hasn't caused me to break out at all so I definitely recommend it, it's a bit expensive but you can but it in a smaller version first to try it out :) xxx

  2. great review! xx


  3. great post! i wish i wasn't allergic to some origins products as they worked really well on my skin for a day or so! sucks having really sensitive skin! hope they work for you :)

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  4. Great!! I'm really need those too! :)