Octobers Very Own Wishlist

1 |  All Saints Coat  2 |  Cheap Monday Yuke Dress  3 |  Nowhere Knit  4 |  Croc Leather Tote Bag  5 |  Snakeskin Boots  6 |  Zip Leather Gloves 

God this is my ultimate wish list 1 |  The coat costs about the same amount as what i'm in overdraft at the moment but I'm praying my store approval from Selfridges all goes to plan today because that means 50% off ahhh !! I've tried it on so many times that I'm not even going to blink between getting the job and buying the coat haha. 2 | When I popped into cheap monday on carnaby street they were completely sold out of this dress, i really wanted to try it on but now I think I'm just going to order it as Urban Outfitters is 20% off on uni days at the moment ! , I literally can't spend a penny at the moment till I get my account switched to a student one then hello overdraft ! 3 | I've been seeing these cut jumpers everywhere , I was tempted by the pale blue version a while ago but I much prefer it in this colour now 4 | this is THE bag of my dreams, usually I never look further then Zara for bags and I've been browsing for a new one now I'm back at uni and now I'm totally fixated on this, I hope its as beautiful in real life ! 5 | I'm clearly having a massive thing for animal skin at the moment (fake only) I posted some snakeskin Hudson I was lusting over but their price tag was ridiculous, these about £60 less and I love the fact they're not black ! 6 | and lastly gloves ! It's finally turning in to that sort of weather now :( i know there are some leather gloves that are far cheaper in shops like primark but Ive tried them on and they feel like crap ! I'd rather just pay for a decent pair that I know aren't going to rip at the seams and will actually keep my hands warm, these Topshop ones are so nice but ill probably have to go and try them on first as for quite a slim girl I have total sausage fingers that tend to not get on too well with leather gloves .....


  1. I love love love the Cheap Monday Yuke dress - amazing!

  2. Want. them. all!
    Especially that Cheap Monday dress, so pretty!

  3. Love your blog, you're extremely stylish and your outfits give me ideas!

    If you have time, or anyone else reading this does, please check out my blog, I currently have two posts and no followers as it's new haha x


  4. really stunning wishlist. i love your aesthetic so much.

    xx rae


  5. You have bloody incredible style. I have to say that you are definitely my fave blogger of the moment. Definitely following :) x