I got the job at Allsaints ! so this week I've literally got a 7 day week, working every day I'm not at uni, ergh which means I haven't got time to blog again which sucks as I feel like I haven't posted anything properly in forever! I'm hoping it's not going to be this hectic every week.

I've gone for a nude pallet wish list this week, When it's cold I automatically sync into the habit of wearing all black, it's no secret that I'm not a fan of colour so I've been looking for key neutral pieces to match everything. I still haven't found the right coat but I love this one from Topshop, think I'll have to try it on first to see if its warm enough but practicality aside its perfect !. The metallic skirt is from Allsaints and I was massively suprised by its price in comparison to all their other stock I've been looking for a metallic silver skirt for ages but now I've seen this I love the bronze!. I definitely don't need any more boots or bags right now but if I had the money this is what is be after, saying that I could so easily give into the velvet boots :( we'll see how things are around payday !

I'm still tweeting/instagraming etc so please follow / have a chat with me on other sites as I'm a little vacant from here and haven't been commenting on other blogs or anything as much as I'd like to. Also a massive thank you to the lovely emails I've received, it's always so nice to speak to people a little more personally.


  1. congrats on the job girly!!! You're going to have some fab clothes haha ya biatch.
    That coat is gorgeous! xo

  2. perfect wishlist! i neeed that coat. good luck with the new job


  3. love all these items!!!


  4. i will not be satisfied until that topshop coat is mine!

  5. Congratulatios on the job:),great post xx

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