Trick or Treat

Silk Jumpsuit | Topshop Boutique  Fur Shield Coat | AllSaints  Boots | AllSaints (all linked to site)

Completely irrelevant rant to start this post but I'm so frustrated at these pictures, I was very thin during the summer but my tablets have recently made me gain 10lbs since august and my arms STILL look veiny as hell, that's the one thing I thought would no longer show as they're not as scrawny but no it looks like I'm cursed with Madonna arms regardless, so I know my pictures look gross but evidently it can't be helped. Anyway I'm sorry my posts are getting less and less frequent, I'm working 6 or 7 day weeks at the moment so I've barely had a minute to sit down and breathe. I can't complain as I am absolutely loving my new job and as you can tell I've already taken advantage of the uniform and discount, I'm still not bored of working in Selfridges either, there's literally something going on everyday.

This jumpsuit is my new i'm going to wear you everyday of life item, I bought it super spontaneously when I only went into Topshop to get Frozen Yoghurt, my banks suffering bad but ohwell, so far I've got my moneys worth doubling it up for my costume as a Cat for my best mates Halloween shindig last night, I didn't get many pictures but there's a couple on my instagram (okaimee). My boots I got on my Allsaint uniform and I can't even believe I own such an expensive pair of shoes they're incredible. The coat I bought myself after customers going mad for it over the past few weeks, most stores only down to their last few stock so I had to get it before it was gone, I didn't think it was a "Me" coat at all at first but after seeing woman after woman try it on and look incredible in it I fell in love, plus it looks a lot nicer on than off.  Have a happy Halloweeennnnnnnnn


  1. Your hair looks fuckin amazing!!
    Love your halloween costume too - gunna have to buy that jumpsuit now, what are ya doing to me! xo

  2. without a doubt you have to be my favourite blogger of all time, and you have inspired me to totally revamp my wardrobe
    best dressed blogger award goes to you girl (thanks for making me dress better too) x

    1. ah thank you so much this is the nicest thing ever!, honestly it really shouldn't though haha I'm sure you dress perfect already

  3. stunning outfit! i need that jumpsuit is my life x

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  4. Oh, the jumpsuit and the shoes! Love them x

  5. I've been wanting this jumpsuit for ages and now you've REALLY made me want it :'( ahhhh, it's so beautiful! x