1 Sunglasses from LCF graduate collection  2 | H&M Scarf  3 | Amazing hand jewellery form LCF graduate collection  J W Anderson Jumper  5 | Testing Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer over my tattoo  6 | Special Train  7 | Hungover 7am Kitty  8 | Body Con Pencil Skirt  | Fell and accidentally injured my fringe  10 | Allsains Hessian boots  11 | Sparkly Nails  12 | About the 5th frozen yoghurt I'd had that week

This was meant to post yesterday but I'm freakin' rubbish at computers and blogging and blogger in general so here it is a day late boo hoo. From now on I'm going to stop starting every post with "sorry I haven't blogged in ages, sorry been to busy to blog again etc etc" because I know no one gives a crap if I posted last monday or last March and it's clearly going to be a regular occurrence now as it's evident I'm never going to have the time. It sucks for me as I keep thinking of new little ideas for posts but I never get round to putting together as I don't have the time to sit and put any thought in to it, so this just ends up being the same old cycle of outfits, instagram and wishlists (which I'm sorry for, but feel free to comment if it's best I should just give up trying altogether haha). Hopefully I'll get my act together soon ey. Anyway this week ahead is going to be a busy week of shooting a fashion film for an LCF Graduate Collection which I am so excited for, I picked up the collection yesterday and it looks amazing!. If it doesn't all go tits up i'll try and post the end result on here, feel like I've done absolutely nothing in my university project so it's a glorious feeling that it's finally time to get creative yey!.


  1. aaah looks like you had a great week:-) can you tell me where the striped rollneckshirt in no.7 is from? i'm searching for one like this for ages now. that would be totally awesome x

    1. Hey it's from Topshop! (here - http://rstyle.me/iz4i3knkjn) it's actually a dress but you could still wear it tucked in as a top, you can get it here...
      hope that helps

    2. thanks a lot, it's such a fab dress!!

  2. I really like this kind of posts ;-) I'm in love with the black boots, so perfect !!

  3. I really love the layout of this post. Probably a really silly question but how do you lay our photos out like this?? I love it! :) and I really love your blog. Xo