So I've been completely MIA for some time now and I thought it was about time I posted/came back with explanation.  I wouldn't go as far as "I'm so sorry I haven't posted blah blah blah " because frankly nobody probably noticed but for my own benefit and enjoyment I will definitely be back on track as of now so hi, hello again. The reason for not blogging in so long is I've been interning at TANK Magazine, the hours where pretty long and I usually didn't get home till around 8 so with that five days a week and working at Allsaints on the weekend I just haven't even had the time to think about blogging.

I've finished at TANK now, dues to my own illness/continuos face problems I had to cut it short by a week but I had an amazing time, everyone was so lovely and it was great experience that add on to my cv, I should now fingers crossed be working with a freelancer in the upcoming weeks so no rest for the wicked.

Anyway to fill in the blanks from the last few weeks the biggest thing was probably I've had all my hair cut off, never get a weave girls! seriously having mermaid locks was fun at the time but it absolutely killed my hair and now I look like Draco Malfoy, it's so short I could die but whatever I'm not going down the fake hair route again. Also whilst at TANK I was filmed for the Thats Hot for Because Magazine where they ask you about your "Style" and other random questions and then do a short video on your "look", so that was pretty awesome and despite the end of my internship I've wangled my way permanently on to their site ;), I won't post the link as it's horrendously embarrassing/awkward to watch but from that going well I got to run around Sommerset House for LFW and film other peoples looks for the same feature which was great fun.

My photo from Because Magazine 'That's Hot' 

I won't blab on anymore but yeyyyy I have missed blogging feels good to be home man, I haven't even had the time to read as many as I usually do so I'm looking forward to a good catch up getting back into the swing of outfit posts etc, Anyway hope everyone had a crazy good international women's day and Mothers day this weekend !  I've some how managed to gain a load of followers despite not being here so how nice of you, you might actually have something to ready from now on woo hoo


  1. yes i do notice when my favorite blogger disappears, can't wait for more posts and welcome back haha

  2. So much monochrome in your style, perfect - glad you're back!

  3. So glad you're back! Your blogs is one of my favourites.
    Anyway I hope you're feeling better!
    Bekki / inguz-forte x

  4. I love your hair! Glad you're back <3

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  5. Aw it's a shame you had to cut your internship at Tank a week short, I started mine there on Monday - crazy!
    It's so good so far! Hope you enjoyed it! x

  6. Your hair looks incredible, I also absolutely adore your style...good to have you back! xx


  7. Welcome back.

    Love the short cut, I've always wished I could pull something like that off.


  8. love the maxi skirt/chunky boot combo x