top: vintage
skirt: american apparel corduroy circle skirt

A rubbish outfit post till I attempt to fix my camera tomorrow, I only managed to get the one photograph before the thing died on me for the hundredth time this week, so here's me making the most of that one crappy photograph.

Speaking of camera's I'm looking to buy a new one soon and I can't decide what to go for, I currently use a Nikon D40 which I've had for years now and the hassle it's given me has put me of investing in another Nikon again, so I'm torn between a Canon 550D or 600D, I can't really see much of a diference between the two to warrant the price difference so I'm swinging more towards a 550D and maybe just invest in a better lens? what do you guys use/recommend ?!


  1. Just get an average digital camera, if it's used properly it will take amazing photos and your not going to be a peved off if it brakes xx

  2. hey! got the canon 600d a few days ago and i'm totally happy with it, the photos are amazing it i'm so glad bout buying it. but i dunno the difference between the 550 and the 600. think it's not that huge! and i love this floral shirt btw! x

  3. wow i love your style, this outfit is just perfect!
    im looking to invest in a new camera also x