Shirt: H&M
Silk Black Dress: Topshop Boutique
Bag: Zara

The weather is unbelievably miserable at the moment, my boyfriend and I are off to see the Avengers tonight so I've managed to get up and ready today otherwise no doubt I would still be in bed with tea in my onesie. I've used this Zara bag to death since i bought it a while back, it was only £20 (which i can't believe for Zara) and since they've bought it out in two other colours, I've seen llymlrs doing a give away for the white version which i may be tempted to buy for summer. 

Also these beauties arrived yesterday ! I ordered them off the Urban Outfitters US site ages ago as I couldn't find anywhere in the UK that stocked Ecote shoes, I didn't realise QUITE how much they would end up costing me as I just ordered them on such a whim.  It turned out shipping and customs came to more than the actual shoes but hey ho! they're here now and worth every single penny as they are literally perfect!. I've been after a pair of wooden heels for ages after missing out on some topshop ones I wanted last year but these are a far better alternative, I remember not being able to walk very well in topshops wooden wedges and they made that awful clunking noise on tilled floors but these are SO comfortable and easy to wear. I literally can't stop gushing over them, I just need some no tights weather to come my way otherwise I will start wearing them around with socks just for the sake of it. 


  1. Such a perfect outfit! I actually want every item in this post. Including you hair and tattoo's.
    Beautiful shoes, worth every penny :)

  2. great outfit, love the peterpan collar and your tattoo's are gorgeous! x


  3. I love this outfit, so simple but incredibly chic!

  4. I adore this outfit, it looks amazing!
    And how amazing is the avengers! x

  5. Love this outfit and the tattoo's - possible close up post?
    Definitely following :)
    Hannah x

  6. Oh! I just read your about me and I'm starting at UCA in September - so excited!x