1.Under/Current and Garage Magazine 2.H&M Gold rings 3. H&M Floral Top

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Sunday, I'm clearly rubbishhhh with keeping up to date on blogging, it's a lot harder than you would imagine. My camera is broken at the moment which doesn't help , and outfit posts without a self timer is pretty much impossible. I did schedule a post but that didn't even work , i don't understand why it didn't post, i set a date, time and made sure the time zone was correct, is there something i'm missing or does anyone else have trouble with scheduled posts?.

Anyway I haven't been up to much to much this week to even justify not being able to blog,  I got these gold rings and top from H&M which I am in love with, I fell in love with the jacket originally but I knew the t-shirt would be way more practical.

I've also had all my hair cut off! I'll post a picture when I'm feeling a little more into it maybe but I'm currently still in the crying every time I look in the mirror phase, The cut itself is lovely and it was done at a really great salon (Pimps&Hoes in Brick Lane) but it's just SO short I think it's going to take a while to get used to........


  1. Great photos, you're making me want to buy that top even more now. hmmmm.
    ps, i bet your new hair looks great!!

  2. I have the jacket! About your hair cut it always takes time too get used to nnew hair but I'm pretty sure of what I can see in your profile photo that you have such a pretty face that will suit any hair cut! Lovely blog first time here :)

    1. Omg I am insanely flattered you checked out my blog, seriously yours is a huge favourite of mine.
      Just seen you in the jacket in your recent post, god I am so jealous man wish I just bought both.
      And thank you about the hair, definitely going to take a little time to get used to but hey ho it's lovely being able to wake up and not have to bother doing anything with it