(images included: Nick Knight Flora, Zara floral dress print, Natalia Grzybowski’s Hybrid Collection, Sam Hamer Flickr)

Todays inspiration came from Alexander McQueens recent short film "She Builds Domes In Air" by artist Catherine Sullivan. The video was shot in Temperate House in Kew Gardens, the largest surviving Victorian glasshouse in the world. The natural and man-made relationship of the botanical gardens was key in Catherine Sullivans vision for the film fitting the brief of “ a natural environment that was emphatically structured”.

I've also been lusting after this Zara dress for a while, but it's defiantly one of those dresses that you have to see on for yourself no matter how good it looks on someone else. Zara's fast fashion policy really does bug me though , I haven't seen it in a store near me in my size to try on and I feel there's no time to decide wether or not I like the dress enough to order it because before i know it, it's sold out everywhere and the only xs is going for twice the price on eBay. (Although it does currently say 'back soon' on the website? what's going on Zara? I've never seen this before, is this the end of  their infamous 'going, going, gone forever' policy?)


  1. I love this inspiration/mood board. I agree with what you say about Zara. It's been happening with all Inditex group's stores and also with H&M. I want to buy something and either it's sold out, it was never in my country or it's only in a store somewhere in the country. It feels like they're turning tables sometimes, one trend is sold, they move on to a new one. But I still love most of what they do sell, so it's hard to stay away hehe

    - Joana

  2. Really love your inspo post, quite cool ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. you have such an interesting blog :) i love it.