Today I popped down to the Dover Street Market Sale at Victoria House, it was amazingggg inside, a bit like the American Apparel Sale but for posh people with Alexander Wang and Nina Ricci filling the rails, the main stock was eight years worth of Commes Des Garcon which was all discounted by a stagering 75%! Everything was so beautiful, even down the people, I've never seen such an impeccably dressed and attractive que outside in all my life!. Personally it was a bit of a failed trip as everyone was just stripping off everywhere as there where no dressing rooms, there was only large sizes left on any gems that I did find and I still couldn't really afford anything without breaking the bank.

But I did have my photo taken for a Hong Kong based Fashion magazine, the woman showed me a current copy and it looked great but the title and everything was all in Chinese so god knows what is was called!, She was just talking so fast I sort of just smiled and nodded to everything and before I knew it I was holding all these shopping bags as if I'd gone wild inside, ironically I think I must have been the poorest person in the whole que but it was fun to pretend for a split second.

For anyone interested the Sale is still continuing till Sunday (details here) They update stock throughout the day everyday so it's not first come first serve but I would say head down early for the best bits and to avoid the que ! . Did anyone else pop down ?
O U T F I T : 
Crochet Crop Jumper : Topshop Silk Maxi Dress (Worn Underneath) : Topshop Denim Jacket : Vintage Levi's/ East End thrift store Leather Jacket: H&M Kids Belt & Scarf: Vintage

The first picture is my outfit and the second is more what I actually wore in real life as despite the wince of sun I was still freezing. God knows why I had my photo taken as I actually look like supertramp. The dress also makes me look mildly obese in photographs, and my 16 layers of jackets and jumpers doesn't exactly help but whatever, the camera adds 10 pounds.

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