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I know I know, five minutes ago I was saying I hated Topshop during the summer but this isn't particularly a 'summery' look and I've avoided all their hideous prints and general summer crap.

The jacket has been the number one item on my wish list since I first laid eyes on it, it's ridiculously similar to the Acne jacket which I've been forever lusting over so to have something pretty much identical that doesn't cost a thousand pounds means i have to have it ! the downside is i dont even have £150 to my name but you never know, if I'm ever feeling depressed I tend to go on unruly spending spree's and purchase things I know I cant afford (eg the Ecote shoes from America) so THIS is the jacket i'll always have in the back of mind at the ready.

Also the bag! does anyone have this bag?, it looks like the perfect everyday/university bag but I always find topshop bags to be very deceiving, they look great on the website and then when I see them physically in store they're like half the size I imagined and pretty cheap looking, I know the website says the measurements but you can never tell until its front of you and I usually buy bags on a "will my macbook fit in this"policy only.

The shoes are shamefully similar to the ones I just bought but I reallllly want them, the snakeskin pattern is lovely and how hot would they look with a tan?, I have a holiday coming up so any excuse and there actually appears to be a little bit of sunshine this weekend so hopefully we've seen the back of the rain and cold I really want to get my shorts out soon...

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  1. I love you and your blog! :)