THE 90'S !

My friend Amii is having a "Dress up, dance and party party party like it's 1994." party so this weeks inspiration is in celebration of all things 90's !. I don't understand why half of this generation is like 'I wish I grew up in the 60's, I want to go back to the 80's' blah blah blah! you're kidding right?. The 90's where the glory days and a pop culture teen dream!. I mean Clueless is my/almost every girls ultimate 90's film, although it did nothing but set up false expectations of high school and inspire a few poor mans versions of chers outfits but unquestionably that film has influenced every teen girl and a few guys childhood in some way. But clueless was merely a fraction of all the whimsical American teen crap that made the 90's great, there was Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fresh Prince, Two of a Kind, and of course Saved by the Bell WHICH has been in the papers this week in talks of a reunion (IMAGINE !),  someone also told me the actor who played Zac had died the other night and I nearly cried on the spot, but thankfully that was just a horrible lie.

Back to the 90's and most influential of all, the fashion!. According to my tumblr dashboard atm "90's grunge" is back, although it's not really 90's grunge, it's more acid wash, creepers and pastel hair, 90's grunge was so "anti-fashion" that unless you stop washing your hair and dig out a dirty flannel shirt it's not going to be the same. As for the "chav" end of society you can buy all the Air-max trainers you like, nothing will match the 90's chav dolled in fake burberry and a Von Dutch cap.

It's quite sad really that everyone now just grows up on the Internet, the age kids start googling porn is probably the same age I was rubbing gel aliens in an egg together to try and make a baby whilst attending to my tamagotchi's every need!, now the closest thing is an app of a tamagotchi-ish pet, but what with instagram, twitter and other social networking priorities the thing's bound to die in a day in which you can delete the app and get on with your life,  where as there was no guilt and sadness as great as when your tamagotchi died! I bet kids don't even know the answer to who loves orange soda? anymore, it's a fucking tragedy!.
(As you can tell i've gone mentally insane this evening but I hope I've inspired you all to go and listen to sweet like chocolate and watch spice world ...)
I'm going to make a better photo collage too i promise, its been a long day at work!


  1. I was born in 1990 so I experienced my childhood in the nineties [: good old fashion like skirts over jeans, scrunchies, those inflatable backpacks, pedal pushers haha I've had all these! and I always wanted Spice Girl shoes i.e. the mega thick sole trainers that seem to be coming into fashion now! xx

    1. haha Omg the inflatable backpacks! I remember upgrading to one with flowers in the padding and I thought i was the shit !, I know it's all coming back but in a that wasn't what is what REALLY like sort of fashion , like jelly shoes ! no one over 12 years old wore jelly shoes, go away topshop x

      and the the spice girls movie!! that needs to be dug out soon

  2. "I was rubbing gel aliens in an egg together to try and make a baby" ahahaha so bloody true.
    Fantastic post Amy and a Saved by the Bell reunion would be AMAZING. xx

  3. Clueless is such a great movie! lovely blog! xx


  4. Ohhhh my god I miss jelly aliens so much, we were all so convinced we just hadn't found quite the right way to stick them together. I'm bringing the Spice Girls back (albeit slightly less OTT) with some new mega platform boots. Would love some of the crop tops from my childhood back right now. Love this post!