Some photographs I took of my boyfriend as additional work for my portfolio, I've arranged them pretty poorly on here but in high quality and in inDesign they're not too shabby for what was half an hour of pissing about in my bedroom with no lights or any equipment.

I've had a few requests to do a post about my tattoo's, it wasn't something I was particularly thinking of doing as I find it quite uncomfortable talking about tattoo's,  it can come across pretty self indulgent and iI always feel like I have to try and justify them, like I'm having to convince my Nan they're acceptable or something !. Today my boyfriend has taken my (brand new) camera to Manchester with him for the weekend,  how good of a girlfriend am I trusting him ! but I will do a post on them when it's back home with me on monday.

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  1. These are wonderful photos, especially the first two! Love those glasses!

    Thank you for your lovely comment :) You have a wonderful blog!

    You should definitely do a post on your tattoos, I always find them so interesting!

    Carmen Ri.