Quite a few people asked me to do a post about my tattoos so, as requested, here it is. Firstly I'm really sorry for the awful quality of photographs but you would not believe some of the angles I was in trying to take these pictures, especially for my tattoo on the back of my arm, I'm pretty sure I briefly popped my shoulder out, I was twisting and turning so much. I didn't really know what people meant by "do a post on your tattoo's" so I just thought I'd go through them a little, I haven't actually got that many, maybe for my age or the fact there's not many other tattooed girls in what I do, but then it just seems so common to me where most of my friends are covered head to toe that I'm a total amateur in comparison.  

Top Right:  Traditional Envelope by Lee Knight at Cult Classics. My first colour tattoo, It's both a personal reference "To a Friend" and a cheeky ode to my favourite band Alexisonfire
Top Left: Horseshoe By Sam Ricketts when he was still tattooing at Jayne Doe. A horse shoe has always been my lucky charm, ever since I was little. I inherited a gold horseshoe bracelet from great aunt which I wore everyday, till I lost it, so I got a tattoo instead, can't loose those. Shortly after the tattoo I found the bracelet again, which I find to be pretty lucky eh? . 
Middle Left: Heart by Amy Savage at Jayne Doe,  " Sick Down To My Heart" A nod to my own misery and King Morrissey himself.
Middle Right: Scissors by Amy Savage at Jayne Doe, There is really no meaning other than the fact I wanted a pair of Victorian Scissors.  I mean I'm a fashion student but can not for the life of me make a thing!, I'm awful at sewing and can't even cut in a straight line but because my course is "Fashion", my nan, bless her, thinks I'm this part time seamstress so she's always handing me sewing bits and her "best material cutting scissors" which go to no better use than wrapping ebay parcels but I guess that's why I went for scissors, typical fashion imagery. 
Bottom: Scroll & Roses by Antony Flemming. This one feels like my pride and joy. I had wanted this done since I was 14 and "In Fear and Faith" is something I never like to discuss the meaning of but it's not to do with the band, or the circa survive song. The pain was a completely different story, I like to think I've got quite a high pain tolerance, all my other tattoos where completely fine but this one just killed me, Like the placement is a sore spot itself but I'm quite boney and I think it was just the continuous scratching for the colour that made my head go,  although I did last four hours till I caved in the first session so I didn't do too badly. It was definitely all worth it, it's so beautiful! I sometimes forget it's there, see it, and fall in love with it all over again.

So there you go,  There's always one that says "You're going to regret them when you're older" but I personally don’t understand the correlation between growing older and becoming a different person, I mean i grew up with people who are now 26 odd and they’re no different from when they were teenagers, hell, my mum’s 50 and she still goes to Take That concerts and does all the things she enjoyed when she was my age, so why would I not like my tattoo’s when I’m older?. I've found the only thing that ever makes them an issue is the narrow mindedness of others, but whatever,  stay boring.


  1. Your tattoos are beautiful! Love the colours in them.

  2. Totes agree with all of the above, love your tattoos so beaut, the last bigger piece is definitely my fave though x

  3. Love the 'whatever, stay boring' at the end! I have 6 and hate constantly being told "ooooh you'll regret that"! Yours are all gorgeous :) x

    1. Ergh people are way too narrow minded man, Thank you though :) I haven't had any for a while i'm starting to feel withdrawal symptoms xx

  4. Beautiful, I love the old school style. I have the very same conversation with every relation/ distant friend/pub local at work, and I have a very similar answer to your own.

    This post has me itching for some newbies.

    I love your blog

    1. Ahh thank you :), I'm always itching for more just a shame i have no money :(

      really great blog too :)