I'm sorry for the absence recently this week has been such a whirlwind for me that Blogging just hasn't been a priority, Can't believe I even missed a Sunday Inspiration, I know I need to keep up if I want this to take off but seriously it's been one of those weeks. First of all it was my final deadline at University, so I had to rush to get all my work done for that (Including a presentation for the blog competition, which I won yey ! ). Then there has been hell with my mum as she found out she was being made redundant, so spirits haven't exactly been high, It's literally just my mum and I so we were looking at moving house, all my income would have to go towards helping my mum and things honestly looked bismal...UNTIL by some sort of miracle my mum got a new job straight away !, last time she was made redundant it lasted 15 months with about 10 failed interviews, so we had been preparing ourselves for that situation all over again but by some sort of holy miracle my mum got a new job straight away, she had an interview the day she was let go at work and got a call in the evening saying she'd got the job, so all in all she was only out of work for ONE SINGLE DAY. I honestly can't believe it , it's like my life has just been totally flipped round and then back around again in the space of a week, i've gone from crying all morning to drinking till I pass out in celebration all evening. So with life now being a little more back on track I can slip back into a blogging routine. I mean I can't believe I won the frickin blog competition I feel like I have to keep it going now...