Top: H&M Trend Skirt: H&M Belt: Ebay

I finally managed to get my camera to work for a brief half hour this afternoon hooray !.  It's honestly a nightmare, it won't focus, the self timer doesn't work and it keeps making an awful grinding noise, but I've been lacking in posts during the week and I really want to get this blog off the ground so I waked it about until it decided to work. 

Anyway my top is another item from the H&M Trend collection, I think I have a slight hoarding problem in when I like one thing I have to have it all.  Unfortunately in real life this was worn with massive woolly jumper over the top as the weather is RUBBISH at the moment. 

Like I stated in my first post, starting a blog and gaining followers is all part of a University project/competition (although it's something I wanted to do anyway) so I'm really grateful for all the new followers and all the comments, feel free to leave me your thoughts on what I could do to improve on anything and I would give a massive kiss to anyone who promotes my blog on theirs or on twitter or just anything to spread the word...


  1. i love this outfit! such a simple cut shirt, and simple colours, but they contrast well, and create a very lovely looking outfit xx


  2. LOVE this outfit, simple shirt, sharp skirt! also, where has your blog been all my life haha? xxx

    1. Aww thank you lovely :) I'm news to all this blogging business a I'm on my phone at the moment but I'll be sure to check out yours when I'm home xxx

  3. I loveeee that skirt! Great outfit :) xx

  4. Love the skirt! And that top goes so well with it!

    Also, I can't believe you just started your blog! I wasn't able to tell just by going through the first page