There couldn't really be any other sunday inspiration as the Diamond Jubilee is taking over Britain right now. Wether you like it or not there seems to be a Union Jack within a two meter radius at all times, so my mind hasn't had the chance to absorb anything that isn't red white or blue. Now I'm no royalist but you've got to be proud to be British so I'm super disappointed I haven't taken part in any sort of celebration, I must live on the most unpatriotic slab of concrete as I haven't heard of a single street party around! Everyone's uploading all these great pictures of cakes and crowns and tea partys and I've just sat home and worked all weekend, I know the weathers miserable but that's typical England, I should still be throwing up pimms right now. Speaking of throwing up, the other advantage of having a monarchy is that on royal occasions such as these, everyone seems to make awesome food, so my way of celebrating has just been over indulging on scones, watching the football and looking at all the fun not being had by me on instagram. Oh but I did buy the greatest top in the world, ever today so expect an outfit post showing it off from 120 different angles tomorrow.
Still there's two more days of Bank Holiday left and lots left to do..
I want to pop down to Harrods pop up exhibition in celebration of the Jubilee showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful ball gowns as that's running till the 15th June and the V&A exhibition for Britain Creates starts next week I think
(my blog is looking very un-minimal at the moment and I'm not sure how I feel about this)

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