H&M for Water

L to R :  1.Bikini  2.Sleeveless Shirt  3.Crop Top 4.Shorts 5. Mysterious Missing T-shirt
(All linked through to website )
Bit of a wish list as these are all the bits I had my eye on from the H&M for water Collection. It's all Hawaiian-esque Resort wear with twenty five percent of sales being donated to WaterAid. I tried a few bits on on Thursday when the collection came out and it all looked so lovely but prints just do not suit me :(, I thought I'd found my dream haiwaiian shirt with this sleeveless number but I don't know wether it was just the colour or print's in general on me but it looked horrendous on, no doubt I'm going to see girls everywhere looking great in it making me wish I bought it after all.  Unfortunately they didn't have the first bikini in my size but look how perfect it is, I definitely want to get this for my holiday but I hate ordering from the H&M website as everything always seems to take about 10 weeks to arrive so I'll have to hunt around a few different stores.

The ONE item I did really want was the t-shirt on the right, the picture is taken from the lookbook but I haven't seen it online or in store? Literally every other garmernt is on the website so was this just a bit of false hope or are they planning to extend the collection and bring out a few more pieces later on? but then why would this be the only single thing from the lookbook that isn't in store now ? thanks for taunting me H&M as this is one thing I really really wanted. 

(does anyone know if the top actually exists? someone let me know if they see it in store!)


  1. I've not seen that t-shirt either, I'll have look when i am in central Manchester for it.
    Love this Collection!

  2. It's not part of the men's collection is it?