Jacket : COS Jumper : COS (SALE)

My COS delivery finally arrived, I'm so upset with the jacket, it's everything I was looking for but it feels like it swamps me, damn my weedy frame. The XS would have been perfect ! but unfortunately it's sold out so I'm not 100% decided on whether this is going back just yet, but we'll see. The jumper on the other hand I am super chuffed with, I shouldn't have to be purchasing jumpers in June ! but I haven't taken it off since it came it's just such great quality. I think my new plan is to stop shopping everywhere and save my money just for COS haha it's sad that I'm not even kidding, I've always loved everything in there but I had never seen a single one of their shops, however, now it's as easy as a lunch break visit my bank balance is suffering majorly.

S U N D A Y   I N S P I R A T I O N  
When I started this blog I wanted to keep a "Sunday Inspiration" post going, where I was just making collages based around theme's of what I found inspiring that week, as lame as it sounds I think the idea just gives my blog a bit of substance and its a little something that's fun to put together BUT I clearly didn't take into the fact I work 10-7 every Sunday making it impossible to keep up with , my time management is awful in general and I'm not at the level where I start putting together posts in advance, that's far too laborious and it makes blogging feel like a bloody job with a deadline so I think from now on I'm going to change it to Monday's, for a start I never work Mondays and you know it makes more sense to have something inspiring to start the week with rather then ending on it ! So from now on I'm going to stop slacking and keep this on track, I've gained some wonderful new followers this week so hello and thank you this will start to look better again soon, promise.

I have also been thinking of starting to post instagram photographs for updates as I (somehow) have a over a thousand followers on there so I must be posting something right?! , but if I'm honest I hate the aesthetic of them , I could be a total snob and try and alter them in a way they don't look like typical Instagram photo's, but I'm not sure yet? what do you guys think of phone/instagram photographs on blogs? I think they're a great way of seeing what people are really like and up to in everyday life but it's already a bit done to death on blogs don't you think?

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  1. I don't really understand instagram, I wish you could see people's photos online (maybe you can, maybe I'm just being stupid), then I don't think there'd be a need for instagrammy posts, cause they seem to just re-post ones that people have already seen. Depends on the person though. Just off to see yours now!