Shirt: COS Jeans: Cheap Monday via Urban Outfitters Bracelet: DIY

I may have treated myself to a COS shirt for successfully passing my first year as a fashion Promotion Student !. Now that I'm home I'm starting to regret the price tag a little but everything in that shop is so beautiful I want it all!, their sale started today as well so trust me to still end up for going for something that wasn't marked down. Sorry my content is a bit all over the place at the moment, It's been a busy week with graduate fashion week and work but I've been quite bad recently with purchases so lots to post about!.

I made this bracelet using hex nuts and rope AGES ago with a d.i.y tutorial from 5 inch and ups blog   (link to tutorial). The rope I used was just what I had in my kitchen drawer on the day, it's such bad quality and is already fraying and falling apart and I've only worn it once, I still love the concept and definitely need to make a new, much improved version. In general I really need some new statement jewellery, I never wear necklaces but I'm starting to think that's because I don't actually have any and with my bank balance at the moment D.I.Y jobs like these are my only hope of gaining any. I've been looking around for some fun necklace ideas , I've already bought some bits to make a plastic transparent necklace (which will probably go tits up) but if anyone knows of any good jewellery tutorials? or a blog that's good for d.i.y in general? send them my way please, I really need to expand my readers list.


  1. I love that bracelet, I want to give this one a go http://pinterest.com/pin/140737557075772475/
    That shirt is beautiful. You've got me into cos now damn you I dont need any more obsessions! It really suits you xx

  2. Lovely blog.

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  3. Love your shirt! COS is amazing x

  4. I love your blog! The delicate photography, the muted colours, everything! Insta-followed!