(Images from Royal College of Art graduate fashion show 2012)
Today is the start of Graduate Fashion Week, I did offer to help with Front of House for my universities show, however, I received a cute little email from my tutor this morning saying as I won the blog competition, here is your invite to the show! so instead of scurrying around I can kick back and enjoy.  This year is graduate fashion weeks 21st anniversary today, meaning 21 years since Christopher Bailey won the award and took his first step into becoming a british designing icon, It feels like I personally remember the event I've read about it so much, then I realise I wasn't even born then. Best of all Daphne Guinness and Mary Katrantzou are part of the judging panel, anyone that knows me will know Daphne Guinness is my idol, If I even catch a glimpse of her i'll probably start crawling on the floor behind her worshipping the ground she walks on, I'll probably even cry I'm such a fan girl when I see famous people. The event starts today and runs till the 13th at Earls Court, I'm really impressed to see one of the top designers to look out for is from Rochester ! so it should be a great show, is anyone else going to any of the shows? 


  1. I'll be doing front of house tomorrow afternoon for my uni (Northbrook college) I haven't been before so don't know really what to expect but i'm excited! :) have fun! xx

    1. Oh really? Rochesters show's not till the evening but if youre sticking around for the other shows i might see you about :)
      Ahh me too I wanted to help really badly, you know be all "behind the scenes" and that ahha

      maybe see you about then
      have fun tooooo if not :) xx