Just a few snaps from the UCA Rochester Show at Graduate Fashion Week, It was such an impressive show, there was some incredible talent and it was really exciting to go and watch, I particularly loved a collection by student Callum Burman, who has been selected for the GALA show,  I just wish I had entry for all the universities to compare. I was MAJORLY impressed with the selection of models which included James Quaintance and Chris Arundel, I nearly passed out when they casually strolled past while we were queuing to go in (like I said I'm terrible when I see someone remotely famous), we also saw Jamie and Francis, my two favourite boys from Made in Chelsea but unfortunately I couldn't get close enough to get a picture with them as girls where just throwing themselves at them, ah well Jamie's loss I would have made a banging Candy Kitten. Sorry the photos aren't the greatest of quality I had to be sat behind the guy with the biggest head in the room which he managed to get in every single one of my photos, so they're all awkwardly cropped.

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  1. great photos love all the designs! apparently i just missed the made in chelsea boys! i don't even watch it but was gutted cos I was hoping to see someone famous all day haha x