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Well it is on Tuesday but it hasn't felt like it's coming up at all, so to change that and cheer myself up I went a little shopping mad yesterday and for once I don't regret a penny of it. I needed a new leather jacket so badly and it's the sort of thing that's too expensive to ask off anyone, so I've been searching and searching for the perfect one and the only one I kept going back to HAD to be the most expensive one in Topshop. I've worn my old one literally everyday since I bought it so it's not like I won't get my moneys worth, and you can tell it's going to out last any jacket I've had before the sheer weight and quality of it is amazing in comparison to the cheap faux leather one's i've had before, I've already worn it out and it's a dream so I am a happy (maybe a bit guilty) little bunny. The bag is from Zara, you can see the state of my old bag in the my previous post so there's no explaining as to why I wanted a new bag. It's actually more a blue colour in real life which makes it a bit different from anything I've had before and it's huge! so it's perfect for when I go back to uni to carry my macbook.

To top off the day I went out for dinner and drinks in the evening with one of best mates. We went to an amazing little sushi restaurant next to liverpool street station called Miyako, it was really hidden away but for anyone who likes sushi I suggest you definitely check it out, the food was amazing and definitely the best sushi I've had.  For "desert' my friend bought me a massive goodie bag of American sweets so my diet for the next weeks is just going to be sugar sugar sugar. I might do a little instagram post for this week I feel like I've been out and about all over the place and taking pictures of everything (mainly food)....


  1. In love with that Jacket! Glad you decided to get it in the end haha xo

  2. lovely, lovely pieces. in love with that bag! xx


  3. love both items!
    It's good to treat yourself once in a while :)


  4. I am desperate for a good leather jacket but I'm such a tight arse with money I may have to settle with a faux one :-(
    and I LOVE that bag oh wow x

    1. Haha I am usualy the BIGGEST tight arse, my one before this was £5 from a charity shop haha so maybe due a decent one that doesn't have holes in before I've even worn it

  5. Two fantastic pieces, I love both - nothing beats good old leather :)



  6. that bag is beautiful!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  7. Those two are PERFECT! I'm jealous. My big black bag is nearly broken and I'm broke. Damn this life.

  8. They are both so pretty and look so well made. If only I had the money...


  9. That bag is to die for!! My taste seems so very similar to yours, that leather jacket is such a timeless piece. It's beautiful. Lapels and no stupid elasticated cuffs!

    Lots of love,