1| Miyako Sushi  2| Evening Outfit  3| New Zara Bag  4| Rare Glimpse of my Face  5| Cape Top  6| Jewelled Jumper  7| Harley Street  8| New Blue Jeans  9| Harley Skin Clinic (Useless Place)  10| Pizza Express  11| Dizzee Rascal With The Olympic Torch  12| Kool Aid

My first little instagram post, After visiting the dermatologist I've been told my skin will take up to 8 months to heal so I've decided I can't keep moping around the house and just have to man up, go out an get on with it. So I might keep with doing these sorts of posts now I'll actually be getting up to stuff. Anyway I have an embarrassing amount of followers on Instagram , I have no idea how or why but honestly it infuriates me how a picture of a white t-shirt can get like 100 likes , but I generally like and prefer getting to know people on here rather then on there so if you use it follow me at ok_aimee and leave me a little comment and let me know..


  1. I was just about to ask how it went. I hope you feel better about it soon. There's nothing worse than being conscious about your skin. I can't remember whether I read you talking about it or not and I'm way too lazy to read back, so if you did talk about Bobbi Brown concealer ignore me but I've found it to be amazing. I pat it in with my fingers (my MUA friends would kill me for saying so!) but patting I've found works best. And Ilymasqua do an amazing powder and foundation too. Those jeans look SO GOOD on you. I hope it gets better quicker. Your bag and jacket are amazing, totally worth it! And finally, where is that top from? If you say COS I'll cry, I bought some beautiful tapered trousers and I've been living in them at work with leather loafers. So pricey but yum. xxxx

    1. Aw you're so sweet thank you ! In the end I payed to go private so I know I'm using the right stuff to heal it and at least I know it will heal eventually, oh really? I've been looking for a better powder as I currently use Mac and it just completely dries my skin up, I've got some selfridges vouchers for my birthday so I might have to go and have a little shop around the Illamasqua counter thanks :) hahah the Top's from Topshop it's like a cream layedered chiffon top, probably the must unflattering thing ever but nevermindd :) Aw they sound lovely ! yeah I've been avoiding going in there as I just can't afford it now :( xxxx

  2. Hope your skin gets better Aimee, I can understand how frustrating it must be. My sister is suffering from Acne at the moment and is trying absolutely everything to get it to clear up! :( Lovely photo's though! :) xoxox Sade

  3. i love your haircut. it's so chic! you can totally take classy photos with the cigarette in one hand whilst rocking some deep red lipstick. cute blog girl :)


  4. likeeee your blog!
    keep posting and go for itt!!


  5. Stunning images,
    I saw you are also a Fashion Promotion student in London?
    Where do you go?

    I am moving there September to start Uni:)

    I am now following your blog also :) xo


  6. Nice post !

    3 words YOU HAVE STYLE !

    I love this look so much :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time