Dress : American Apparel Shirt: Old H&M (Similar here) Tassle Brogues: River Island (Similar here)

Oh sweet jesus I have found the dress of my dreams (the pictures definitely do not do it justice, looks better on American Apparel's website). I have been after a pinafore dress for agessss, I even been trying on children's school uniform pinafores in M&S but as you can guess they where obviously made for children's figures and fitted like a sack. I'm embarrassed and disgusted by the price but it's exactly what I've wanted so I couldn't just leave it there and it turned out to be the cheaper option between a similar Dahlia pinafore I was going to order. Anyway this also comes in white which was equally as perfect for summer but that would have meant spending £120 on two dresses, so that one will have to wait till next pay check, but I'm adamant I will own it, as finding a dress that is fitted so well at the chest and waist is one in a million for me, so a heads up this may fit a little differently on anyone with a pair of boobs. I'm also dying for a pair of Russel and Bromley brogues but until I can afford a pair I've polished my incredibly old and tattered River Island ones, which don't look too bad if you saw what state they where in before, anyway the shoes also confirm that I am dressed entirely in school uniform today.

Anyway I've spent the day racking my wardrobe and think I've got enough clobber to put together a blog sale which is super as I am now creeping into my overdraft, I don't really know how these things are done, whether it's easiest to just do a page on here or make a big cartel? hhhmm....


  1. That dress is absolutely perfect on you. I'm also looking for a pinafore dress, I tried on the most perfect one in topshop the other week thinking it was in the sale... and it wasn't. And so the hunt continues! Definitely may have to look in AA now though!


  2. Lovely outfit! Well done with the shoes, I thought they were a new pair! :)
    Samma x

  3. Amazing dress!! I actually bought the boohoo black clutch you were talking about on your blog a week ago, and it arrived and I'm so happy with it.

  4. You're so cute! i love this outfit. Adorable.
    I love Russel and Bromley! I've always wanted some loafers.
    Its £6 for 25 items on bigcartel or its free if you list 5.

  5. I love pinafores too, the was one a while ago in Urban Oufitters, in the sale but it was a size L :( it was perfect too. This one is lovely and to my surprise as i scrolled down the back is even more beautiful those buttons make it pop! So cute :) perfect


  6. I love u collar and shoes! perfect combination! simple but amazing<3 I don't known how u do this! honey u are shine! :*

    kisses ,Dominica from : movesfashion.blogspot.com

  7. This outfit is very 'clean' and flawless :) - love x

  8. Oh my God, this dress is awesome I can't stop looking at your pictures and I've already opened the american apparel website in another tab...WHAT -IT IS SOLD OUT? Ok, I am now forever sad.

  9. Oh my god this dress waaaaaaah I need!!!

  10. Love this! Pinafore dresses are so cute :)