1. Sweater Weather | The Neighbourhood 
2. VCR | The XX 
3. Lay it Down | The Rubens
4. Ocean Floor For Everything | How to Dress Well 
5. Nantes | Beirut
6. Blood | The Middle East
7. The Look | Metronomy 
8. Sleeping Ute | Grizzly Bear
9. Go Outside | Cults
10. There's Nothing in the Water | Cloud Control
11. Pachuca Sunrise | Minus The Bear
12. Stamp | The Rural Alberta Advantage
13. Chapel Song | We Are Augustines
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This week I hit 300 followers, which I am totally overwhelmed by, so a massive thank you to all you kind strangers. This led me to looking back through all my posts from these first few months and I noticed each week showed little alternation from the last so to keep things interesting I'm just going to start posting a little more of whatever I fancy, amongst the current same old of course. So this is my first Mixtape, some old songs, some new. Let me know what you think of it and the idea of posting music/mix-tapes in general, and again thank you all for following my dear old drab of a blog. Happy Sunday.


  1. I love your blog. Definitely following now! Stay in touch and stop by my new blog! xx


  2. Ooh my goodness, we have like...the same exact music taste. It is insane. I adore this blog so much!

    xoxo check me out at thepolishthief.blogspot.com