1. I'm really into the sportswear inspired clothes at the moment, I don't own much comfy casual wear and for days where I'm not going anywhere special I really need some basic crew necks and jersey T-shirts, (3.) I normally hate logo / graphic t-shirts but I love this "I hate you" t-shirt,  for anyone that doesn't know me I'm pretty much void of any human empathy towards anything so I might as well plaster it all over a t-shirt (it reminds me of the sort of t-shirts Roy used to wear in IT crowd haha I always wanted the "NO" shirt ).

2. White jeans have always been a solid "no" in my eyes but I've been perving on Alexa Chung's instagram and she's been looking incredible in a pair of light skinny jeans recently,  I found these on Topshop and they're a perfect match, I prefer that they're a much softer "bone" colour rather than a tacky bright white. 

4. Anyone who knows me knows a horseshoe is my lucky charm, I have horseshoe jewellery coming out of my ears but nothing quite as lovely as this House of Harlow bracelet, and it's under £30! I always thought House of Harlow jewellery was really expensive.

5. Round Raybans! I'm torn between these and Karen Walker Sunglasses for my birthday but it really sucks that the round lens ones are so much more expensive than the standard wayfarers. I think I need to find somewhere I can try Karen Walker ones on before I decide.

6. DREAM BAG, I really can't afford it but I thought I'd add it anyway for anyone with ££££ to spend because it is so beautiful and I want it so badly. Maybe I'm an idiot but I was completely unaware Nelly was available in the UK !. (8.) While I was on there I came across these gorgeous white platform heels!, one of my favourite bloggers VanillaScented has been sporting a beautiful pair of white wedges for summer and they've made me eager for a pair!. 

It's my birthday soon and other than scar removal I have no idea what I want is there anything you're really lusting after at the moment? Does anyone know anywhere good to go out in London, i'm thinking maybe the Queen of Hoxton or Blues Kitchen, or has anyone been to Cargo's? I've heard that's meant to be good 


  1. those shoes are beautiful! i used to dislike all white shoes but this year i love them! xx

  2. Love this wishlist, the jumper is gorgeous x
    Sirens and Bells

  3. cargo is good but pretty expensive!

  4. Oh Aimee, your style has such an impact on me. Love these items! I need that i hate you t-shirt <3

  5. The Queen of Hoxton is really good, I've been a couple times and it's good fun :)I really don't think I could ever pull off pale jeans (I'd probably get them filthy within minutes, too) but I can see these looking lovely on you! xx

  6. Not usually a fan of white stuff, but I love everything on here! Particularly that Tee! <3

  7. Ha! I like to avoid the humans too. Cool blog :)

  8. Perfect picks. Karen Walker sunglasses are the best, I would buy a dozen+ pairs if I could.


  9. love the styling, you'd look awesome in this
    i have a white satchel that's sort of similar from H&M a couple of months back. i use it constantly, and it was only £15! keep your eyes peeled for it!

    1. Oh really? Ah i'll keep an eye out ! now way can I fork out £80 for a bag, thank youu :) xx

  10. Love this styling ! Really enjoy your blog
    New follower ♥

    xx iris


  11. Really love the styling!