I finally got my staff card back and as you can tell celebrated immediately. I work at Schuh and annoyingly lost my staff card, it's been absolute torture seeing all these new shoes come in knowing I can't buy them but I thought at least I was saving money, until last week these came in and I had to have them ! I've been lusting after these boots since Sienna Miller circa 2009, when Office started selling replicas, I only wished we had something similar and then ta dar! there was one pair left in my size yesterday coincidentally the day my new card arrived so I had to snap them up. They are perfect, I did my shift in them to break them in and they're comfy as hell, I never have any luck with harder leather boots as I've got pretty wide feet and they tend to cut in at the sides but these didn't at all, they didn't rub and I came home without a single blister, considering I was only in thin tights I see that as a miracle. I was umming and arring whether I should have bought them or not but I am so happy I did, they're amazing quality which is good to see as sometimes the price doesn't alway match the product,  and they've already survived a walk in torrential rain.
Not to be totally biased or anything but loads of people asked me where I got them from when I posted a picture on Instagram and I know other places do similar styles but I wholeheartedly recommend Schuh! I know I got my discount but £80 isn't cheap and Schuh are the only place with a years refund returns policy so you have a bit of time to make your mind up! where as office you can't get your money back whatsoever so it's that's a lot of money down the pan if you're unsure. 


  1. EEk I love them! Lush! <3

  2. These are effing brilliant. I'm obsessing over here...

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  3. http://www.jennifermarket.com/chloe-susanna-studded-leather-ankle-boots

    I got the boots in black from this site under the advise of one of my friends. Perfect quality!