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I've been home from Cyprus barely a day and it already feels like forever ago, I still haven't slept properly after getting home at 2am last night but I've had so much work to do including my uni summer project so I've spent all day eating my weight in chocolate and ice cream to keep me alive (extending starting the post holiday diet till monday). Anyway I had an amazing holiday, our villa was insane, every room had an ensuite, our own huge pool, our cabby was like an afghan presidential limo (I wish I had a picture to show), the cocktails were lethal, the food was amazing, it was one of the girls 21st birthday as well which was an extra excuse to party and we were so far out from anything else we didn't have to worry about a thing, the weather was amazing, everything was cheap as hell and I want to go back immediately.
Also I can't believe I came home to nearly 400 followers! Thank you all so much, we had free WIFI in our villa too so I've been reading every comment, and I came home to a very exciting email of my first event invite and I couldn't think of anything I could want to go to more so I'm super flattered by the response I'm getting from my blog. Although I am hugely nervous about going to such an event, no doubt being surrounded by stupidly good looking people while I have to lather my face in war paint make up to try and hide my burn scars so people don't stare at me, seriously I'm loosing my patience with it now I can't see an improvement in it's healing at all and despite factor 50 sunblock I know a week of sun didn't help, I'm getting a hunch that my face is never going to go back to normal I can't handle the frustration of it all much longer,  any cosmetic procedure companies feel free to get in contact I can't afford £500 for treatment that may or not work.


  1. The holiday siunds fabulous! Extremely jealous! I really want chocolate after reading this post!

  2. Looks like tonnes of fun, I'm loving the little note on that receipt, completes a perfect night :)