"Passion For Fashion" is the latest competition by Money Supermarket (see here) in which entrants plan 5 outfits for under £200 or less for 5 different occassions, party, casual, outdoor, first date and office also explaining why each outfit is great value to create the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe. I'm always doing wishlist posts so I thought this would be the perfect competition to enter, I never, ever, ever have any luck but I guess if there is one thing I'm good at it's shopping. I didn't realise how long it would take to all put together and I've probably wasted a good 24 hours of time I should have spent doing my Uni work but Oh well! it was fun putting all the looks together and seeing what you can actually find when you're on the hunt for cheaper alternatives. (every item is credited and linked to website)

V Neck 
H&M £6.99   Jumper | H&M £7.99   Sunglasses | ASOS £12  Denim Shorts | Miss Selfridge £30  Chelsea Boot | Boohoo £30  Custom Canvas | The Cleaver Baggers from £0.90
TOTAL | £87.88
I know the outfit are meant to be for Autumn/Winter but denim shorts are acceptable in all seasons right? just add a pair of tights and a good knit jumper and you're fit for autumn. I actually own this jumper from H&M,  £7.99 is a total bargain and it's a really good fit, perfect for everyday casual wear. Also to think you can get a good pair of chelsea boots for £30 when I payed about £70 in Topshop last winter, when they cost less I find you wear them far more as you're less bothered about getting them a little scuffed. I also went with a customised tote bag as it's something you can have fun with on the cheap and perfect for days you're just popping out and can't be bothered to lug around a handbag.

  Pocket T-Shirt  | COS £20/€25  Skinny Jean | Topshop MOTO £38  Fur Parka | Matalan £32  Boots | H&M £29.99  Leopard Print Gloves | H&M £6.99 
TOTAL | £126.98
Sometimes quality is just as important as price, although £20 for a plain tee may seem a lot my Cos T-shirts have been through all sorts of hell and they've never lost their shape or even ripped, out living all cheap ones I've bought from Primark or H&M. I was going to go for Hunter Wellies but unless you're at a festival I think wellies are a bit too OTT for everyday outdoor wear, if a little rain falls a good pair of boots is a much better value for money as you can wear them for any occasion. Also never be to proud for shops like Matalan £32 for a fur lined parka is half the price of what you get on ASOS/Topshop etc. 
| River Island £22  Shirt | Topshop £20  Cardigan | COS £45 /€49  Watch | River Island £25  Court Shoe | BHS £25  Bag | Zara £39.99

TOTAL | £176.99
This look is definitely my favourite, having a uniform job I only dream of having to get smarted up for the office.  I went for the typical pencil skirt (but in leather so it's a little more youthful then secretary mum) with a clean white shirt and patterned cardigan so the outfit isn't completely boring black and white. The Zara shopper is hugely popular ATM and their latest shapes are the perfect size for everyday essentials // hiding trainers in // packed lunches etc.  Also f you can't afford a Micheal Kors, I found this River Island watch that is just as smart and ideal for everyday wear.
Stud Earrings | Topshop £6.50  Playsuit | Topshop £46   Biker Jacket | H&M £29.99   Bag | Topshop £28  Caged Heel | River Island £55
TOTAL | £165.49
I love this outfit if I say so myself, I've never been one for colour or patterns so when it comes to dressing up for a night out I tend to go for quite minimalistic outfits and doll them up with accessories and bright lipstick. This chiffon playsuit is perfect for a night out, it's delicate, feminine and would look great with a pair of tanned legs and red lips. The duffle bag is an ideal evening bag, the long chain means you haven't got the agro of carrying a clutch and I think the colour compliments the playsuit perfectly. (It's also just the right size that you can squeeze you're leather jacket into it when you're fed up of carrying it around inside). I always reach for my boots on a night out because I know they're comfy but if you're really going out then a hot pair of heels is worth the pain. The ones I've chosen are from river island but if you buy them through ASOS you can get them with student discount ! (still can't believe River Island don't offer student discount). Speaking of student discount the majority of these items are from Topshop where you can also get an extra 10% off, so that will bring a substancial amount off the total making the look an even better bargain. 
Biker Jacket | H&M £29.99  Shirt Dress | Monki £25/€35  Necklace | H&M £7.99  Shoes | ZARA £39.99  Bag | River Island £45
TOTAL £147.97

I admit I got a little confused by this category as it says 'First Date' but on Lilly's blog it was described as first date/formal, which in my eyes is two completely different things so I've tried to go for a outfit somewhere in the middle. Although this is a dream outfit, I personally wouldn't dress up this much on a first date but you know if we're only pretending then why not go all out. I actually ordered this shirt dress as I found it, it came to around £25 without postal charge which is a great price for something that is so smart and simple and can easily be dressed up or down. I went for another jacket from H&M but if you're really saving money you'd just wear the same one from the last outfit right ;). A statement necklace is a great accessory for a first date, something to show your personality without going accessory mad, H&M have a great range of jewellery at the moment for mostly under a tenner.  I'm really pleased with this look, it totalled to a lot less than I imagined, I mean £150 for a pair of heels, handbag, biker jacket and dress is a total bargain. 


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