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Sorry I have been awful at blogging recently, I have just been so busy with work and running errands this week, I also realised my holiday is in two weeks and I am SO unprepared, I haven't even put any money aside for euro's so praise the lord that it is payday today. Also after a week of birthday treats and eating out I'm really not looking forward to getting in a bikini, I have such a weedy frame but then all my weight just goes to my stomach so I look about 4 months pregnant right now.

I also apologize for the dark and dreariness of todays outfit post, I'm only popping into Westfields to get some holiday shopping done so little effort has been made. I admit I am completely in love with this top at the moment though, I wanted a high neck one from American Apparel for ages but was never going to pay so much money for one from there so it was great to find Topshop selling these for £10!, you can probably see I'm not wearing a bra with it, didn't feel like it so everyone's in for a treat today. The belt is also new in from H&M it was originally massive so I've cut it myself and made it into a nice little high waisted belt, I was really after a gold plated belt that I've seen in there but I couldn't find one in a small. My other bit of excitement for the week is I mentioned going to BT London Live at Hyde Park last week, well the same group of us managed to get guest list for the event this friday which Temper Trap are headlining (bit of an upgrade from Alexander Burke last week) if it means we get free booze and swan about in V.I.P like I am actually somebody then I can not bloody wait.
Hope everyone's having a lovely week, being absent on here you can always follow my Twitter (@ok_aimee) as I rant on there on a daily basis and I promise the next outfit post will be a lot better.


  1. This outfit is perfect! xox

  2. don't know what you're talking about, this is a great outfit! love head to toe black

  3. I love this!



  4. Don't be silly! This outfit is lush! Little bit jealous of you doing all the things you have listed! Have a lush time!

    Samma x

    1. Aw thank you ! don't be jealous :P won't be much fun at all if the weathers pants xxx

  5. Love your tats, and the way you've taken these shots. And the outfit! I just love everything really.


  6. Love your style ♥
    xx iris

  7. Lovely lovely! I especially love your boots, if i may ask were they're from?
    Lots of love xxx