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Finally got round to doing a new outfit post, I only just bought this yesterday but couldn't resist wearing immediately. I had some Topshop vouchers from my birthday, I really really wanted to save them for when they get some more of their autumn bits in but I gave in and bought this just in time for holiday !, I don't really own any clothes are pretty or colourful or floral or girly so in fact I need more clothes like this so I'm not wearing black on the beach.  It's a little mumsy I think but the colours are just so nice I don't really care and  I never intentionally coordinate anything but the red nail varnish against it goes really nicely. I've just dug out my old asos sandals from last year as all my other shoes are black, it's so hard shopping for sandals right now as every where has now  brushed summer under the carpet. 

Another thing, I LOVE maxi-skirts but I'm getting really annoyed how everywhere is selling drop hem maxi skirts, fish tail maxi skirts, maxi skirts with slits up the side, maxi skirts that knot at the front, maxi skirts that wrap around the back, where are all the plain from the waist to the floor maxi skirts ! I can't be dealing with having to shave my legs on the slight chance the wind catches the skirt and flashes my legs, just completely takes the joy of maxi skirts away. there's a load of ebay shops i've found but i'm also scared they're going to be really poor quality and cheapy looking, so if anyone's ever got one off ebay let me know what it's like ...


  1. I wish maxi skirts suited me, this one is gorgeous!I also really love the shoes from Urban outfitters that are similar to yours, may have to buy! xx

    1. Aw thanks lucy I need to get them to my ones are s old now the sole is literally falling off :(, Oh no I bet they do, I dont even think this suits me too well but neverminddd xxxx

  2. I know what you mean about the maxi skirts I'm still patiently waiting for a nice plain one to appear. love the sunglasses! x x x

  3. this skirt is lovely and I agree with you on the whole skirt thing, I hate those fish tale/graduated skirts people are wearing at the moment. More simple cut maxi's PLEASE!

    Brogan x


  4. So gorgeous. Nothing better than a simple long comfy maxi skirt!

    Ava Tallulah