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In the weeks leading up to my birthday when everyone was asking what to get me there wasn't any bits on the high street or online that took my fancy, nowww as the autumn lines are starting to treacle in to the shops, I want everything, typical timing. As you can tell I'm navy blue at the moment.

1 | I'm really impressed with this t-shirt from Topshop, normally I find all their graphics and patterns so naff, e.g their recent paisley print stuff but this is actually really pretty, It took forever to decide what colour I liked it in best as it comes in pink too so I might eventually end up with both.

2 | Again I could not decide on what colour I liked this in either as it's also available in a gorgeous silver grey colour but I am completely in LOVE with this dress itself, unfortunately at £85 I cant afford it one colour let alone two but I really need to go and try this on and pray it looks hideous on as it's currently sat in my online shopping bag screaming at me to buy.

3 | Love the colour, shape, everything about this jumper, really similar cut to one Alexa Chung wore at Mens LFW, from my new favourite site, Nelly.

4 | The most perfect ruck sack I have ever seen, god it's so, so, so, perfect. I've been after a rucksack to have for on holiday but they all have some sort of hideous garnish detail that makes them look cheap whereas this is completely sleek, plain and simple and it says 100% leather so the price isn't half bad either. definitely getting this.

5 | I'm wearing a lot of bits that I think would look so much better with a bit of statement jewellery but the problem is I don't actually own any, I've seen every girl and their dog wearing gold cuffs or the neck chockers but I just wasn't into them until I found these Silver onces on asos, I know it really is the unpopular option but I prefer non-gold jewellery so much more.

6 | I already have these in black (see here) and they're my favourite shorts, I have a really bad habit of if I find something I like, I buy it in every colour ( e.g my three American Apparel Circle Skirts) so I love the fact these now come in navy. 

7 | These are identical to the ones everyone has from Office but for half the price on ASOS!


  1. I had the same leather backpack in my ASOS shopping cart a couple of days ago, still can't decide wether to buy it... But it's absolutely gorgeous, love the shape and size!

  2. beautiful wishlist <3


  3. Oh, and follow your blog btw!!
    hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you like! <3

    1. Aw thank you so much for following mine :) massively flattered, and of course I will :) xx

  4. such great picks, i love those asos booties x

  5. oh this is all really so perfect!
    really need number 2 and 7!
    have you seen the burgundy version of number 7? i really love that colour version too! x

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  6. i really love every single thing here. and i have been looking through your blog and i think you have a great aesthetic. i am following your blog now (via bloglovin cos i cannot follow more than 300 with gfc). would love for you to stop by mine and follow if you like it.

    xx rae

  7. I love those cuff bracelets :) The jumper is lovely too!

  8. I really want that dress in the nude colour! I remember seeing something similar in a magazine once and thought it was gorgeous, unfortunately, even this one is a bit out of my price range at the moment :(