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Looked a total scruff ball yesterday, I feel so rubbish recently, I'm getting fed up with my skin not getting any better and my new tablets are making me gain weight like crazy (not that it looks like it but 5lbs in 10 days so far :/) I am notttttt looking forward to going back to uni, the level of uptight arseholes and judgement is probably going to send me in to one. Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself this shirt came in a naughty Topshop order I made earlier in the week as my wardrobe definitely needs an overhaul at the moment, I seemed to have misplaced half my clothes or sold them ebay leaving me with squat. I've also currently pinched love aesthetics idea of creating a pin board for coats and winter bits (mine's here), I tried the most AMAZING coat in all saints but it was almost £300 so I can dream on, I knew that shop was expensive but since when has it been THAT pricey? and how do all the little chav boys afford all their tops from there?.
I've been so busy this weekend but I'm going to try and add some more bits to my blogshop tomorrow (here), including a pair of leather shorts and some nice shirts so keep your eyes peeled, hope everyone's having a nice weekend, I'm still dreaming I was lfw whilst staring blankly at my uni work.


  1. Love the outfit<3 I have the same problem with winter coats, all the ones I fall in love with are always so expensive:(

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. My god, can you just come and dress me forever! That shirt with the leather shorts is perf. xo

    1. Haha no way, my style is rubbish compared to yours xxx