Week In Photo's

1 | Topshop Boutique Dress  2 | Louise Gray for Topshop Nail Varnish  3 | What I Wore Shopping  Spilling Dinner Everywhere 5Beyond Retro Swimsuit  6 | Cruel Summer  7 | Delilah in Topshop Window  8 | Orla Kiely Flowers  9 | Carnaby Street  10 | Vidal Sassoon Model Card  11 | What I Wore to the J W Anderson Collection Preview  12 | J W Anderson Notebook 

Decided to keep my instagram post in colour this week as most of the pictures looked total rubbish in black and white, especially the louise gray nail varnish one ! the colour of it is the best bit!.  Most of the pictures are from the week before and Vogue  Fashion Night Out as like I said, I haven't been up to a great deal this week. Only the top three are this week really , finally got my hands on the Topshop Boutique dress I've been lusting after but it sold out on the website, Oxford Street had one left in my size so I think that was fate calling :).
I've been invited by Amy to the house of evolution show tonight, I'm so excited but it's literally going to be the maddest panic ever as i'm working till 3 , hopefully I still make it in time.............


  1. I love the outfit in the top right! xx

  2. Still so jealous you went to the J.W Anderson opening, I'm head over heels with some of his pieces. Heavenly! Love all the photos too, you look so sweet in that Topshop boutique dress! Interested to see you piced up one of the new nail varnishs too, I'm terrified to try some of her new make up range, it's way too bright for me! Loving your blog as always x

    1. Aww :) I can't believe i haven't bought anything from the collection, all I want is the bat jumper but it's £70 :( Oh god every is so bright isn't it, tried to go for the one thing i could potentially just about pull off haha thanks for the comment :) x

  3. so glad you found that boutique dress as it's so beautiful and really suits you. as does the outfit in the top right hand corner. love the notebook, i bought the big logo one and about a million pencils as all of his clothes were rather expensive! beautiful, though.

    not sure if i've said it before, but you have the hair i always wanted if i had of dyed it white blonde. i'm going to have to live that hair choice through you haha.

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc