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"We have developed eyewear with multi-faceted lenses designed to
enhance the mental capacity of anyone who chooses to wear them, Future Eyes asks you to increase your optical abilities, enhancing focus power and awareness. It also reminds you that the world responds to your imagination, which is the essence of change.

A completely spontaneous post of something I randomly came across and fell in love with -  Future Eyes, basically a pair of glasses that give you kaleidoscope vision, they were invented by two friends with the desire to open the mind and stimulate the senses. The multi-faceted crystal lenses change your vision, enhance color and light, and unlock doors to the future . I don't know why, I'm just really drawn to the idea of wearing something like this permanently to completely warp your perception on everything, totally impractical but it would be like living in your own little world. Their purpose aside they look super fucking cool on! .  They're also pretty relevant in the sense there is some big advances in eyewear going on right now, with Sergey Brin debuting the new google glasses at the Diane von Furstenberg show, which looked INSANE. I have no idea how they work and can only imagine them giving you a massive headache but when I saw the models all in them it literally felt like we were in the year 3000, I mean imagine it being the norm for everyone to wander around in google glasses. So these aren't quite as up there with google but for $40 I'm realllly reallly temped just to get a pair as a prop for future styling and uni shoots. 


  1. These are amazing. I want a pair!

  2. Wow photos are great, would love a pair of these glasses... X

  3. I would love these glasses both for fashion and for photography.


  4. They look so cool! And despite the extremely likely headaches they'd be worth it for how much more fun everyday life would be, haha! X


  5. amazing! loving all the glasses at the moment, especially these and the smile shades by Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow!



  6. These are amazing and would be be great to take photo's through for a certain project, the light and shapes would be so inspiring and would reflect myself for fabric choices :)



  7. My gosh these are the coolest things!
    I used to love my kaleidoscopic binoculars!

    1. Ah yeah that's exactly what they reminded me of haha used to get them in party bags :)

  8. SICK! These really are amazing <3