Jumper | Topshop (here)  Shirt | Topshop Old (Similar in white here) Skirt | American Apparel Circle Skirt

Ow I'm not too happy with how close up these are but never mind, this is what I wore yesterday to pop into London so there's no way I'm throwing on yesterdays clothes for better pictures haha. It's only just hit me that it's now September and going back to University is fast approaching, I just can't believe how fast summer has flown by it barely feels like it's even started. I should probably make a start on my summer project but instead I've been shopping for new journals and bits and bobs for when I go back (priorities) . It drives me mad that the closest MUJI is up London but it's been my go to store for stationary bits since college.  It's a bit like Staples meets Ikea in everything is simple, compact and cheap as hell,  I go though journals like water and they do a bulk of 5 for £4, anyway I won't go on I'm sure everyone already shops there.

I bought this jumper from Topshop before I went away, I absolutely love the pattern of it and wanted to wear it out asap but instantly regretted that decision when it turned out to be like 27 degrees, It was so sunny out luckily I only had a thin shirt underneath, I hope this mean we're in for an Indian Summer :). I also popped into Selfridges for a few make up bits which I'll save for another post but after having a little fiddle with my blog layout I've added a labels tab to help categorise all my posts :). I also bought the September issue of American Vogue and although I'm a total magazine whore I was not impressed it's literally a interview with Lady Gaga and 800 pages of ad's.


  1. Love this outfit, so simple and stylish :)


  2. Gorgeous, the jumper is so cute!

    Hannah x

  3. Gorgeous outfit.. so cute and geek chic :)



  4. September issues are my favourite as i adore autumn!

  5. This jumper is lovely and I've been looking for a light one to wear tucked into a skirt for ages! x

  6. Am in love with this jumper, if I didn't already buy a jumper today I would have so bought this! Another gorgeous outfit! xx

  7. I visited this place because of some passion too in the entertainment and fashion. But, today it is also connected to the cosmetic world.


  8. Love this outfit, super cute.

  9. This outfit it adorable it makes me think of Twiggy and the sixties! xx