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Wehey, a slightly more interesting outfit post than yesterdays, I wasn't planning on doing one today but I was pretty chuffed with how my nails turned out (I am THE most cack handed person in the world so they're good for me haha) and nails never last longer then a day with me so I thought I'd get photo evidence while they're still good.  There was a white leather bra in my sunday inspiration mood board and I totalllyyyy forgot I had this from H&M, it's been in the back of my closet since as I never know what to wear with it, I'm not sure if jeans where the right choice but I felt a bit naked for during the day when I tried it on with a skirt. It's too warm for jackets and jumpers so I've thrown on this sheer shirt to cover my modesty a bit, I think it's meant to be a dress but I've lost the slip underneath......
Anyway tomorrow is Vogues Fashion Night Out, I'm in London for an event during the day so I thought I might as well hang about and see what's going on but I don't know where to start ! There are sooo many shops participating this year that it's all over the place, I was thinking of going to Liberty as I'm in oxford Street and maybe checking out Topshop too? I realllyy wanted to take advantage of some of the store discounts such as COS but their stores all the way in Shepherds Bush Westfield, I know there's a fair bit going on there too but thats's the other end of the Central Line and then there's Opening Ceremony in Covent Gardens ?. There's not enough time, I think they just make it a 24 hour bender till Friday night otherwise I'm just going to be running around like a headless chicken.

Also Helen from the lovecatsinc is currently running a fab giveaway (here) for her 500th post, I can't say i'm a fraction of a way to 500 posts but I am nearly at 500 followers so I think when I hit that I might have to sort my own giveaway as a little thank you x


  1. LOVe this outfit so much! That sheer shirt is amazing xo

  2. Love this outfit! Wish I could get away with bralets, amazing!

    1. Aw thanks haha ow I'm sure you could, if anything I wish I couldn't I'm so bloddy flat chested :(

  3. Your figure makes me jealous! Great outfit. Kate x

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  4. I'm glad i've stumbled upon your blog. I love your style. Instant follower!

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  5. Lovely outfit. Have fun at the Vogue Fashion Night Out! Would love to see the photos if you take your camera with you :)



  6. im 90% sure theres a COS in regents street? :)

    1. Yeah I think there is but the store they're having the fashion night out is the westfield one, god knows why it's so out the way :(

  7. Wow this outfit is lush! Your nails are amazing too. Im so jealous that youre going to the fashion night out. I would love to go but i just live too far away to get home again. Booo! Fab outfit though. Xx

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  9. love your outfit! simple but so great. and your tattoos, aaaah! so good

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  10. You are actually my favourite blog. I would probably stalk you in the street.

    I'm deadly serious.

    (No, I'm not actually. Maybe only half serious).


  11. Oh wow, I love this outfit! Was going to buy these pants from cheap monday, are they comfy and do they fit good? Like, are they tighter or bigger than your usual size? :-)