So it appears that I never wear colour, but when I do it's all at once. I'm not usually into clashing patterns or colours and I can't say I've done a particularly good job of it but whatever I'm stoked I finally got my hands on J W Anderson jumper, I mean the collections been out over a month so so I'd been holding back for a fair time,  so heck I just wanted to wear it out asap, sod wether it actually matches anything else or not.  Also really happy Topshop released this skirt in Petite, obviously i'm not petite but Topshop skirts never fit me too well so I tend to always buy them in petite (aka a size that's blatantly too small for me) and then just wear it as a high waisted skirt when it's probably supposed to sit on your hips. Also on the non matching note, completely head over heels in love with my H&M scarf, literally haven't taken it off since I bought it !. 

Is anyone going to the Motel Rocks Christmas Party tonight? I couldn't believe I was invited and wanted to go so badly but my skin is horrendous at the moment and I don't know I think I'd just be really paranoid and uncomfortable in room of immaculate girls. Plus I don't know anyone so it would have been me just getting drunk in the corner....


  1. Love this so much! I've almost bought that skirt about 3 times and now I really wish I had it. Love the pattern combinations and the two colours of tartan... perfect!
    You should definitely go to the Motel Christmas party, I know I would be if I lived closer! I bet there will be loads of people there on their own too, you can all get drunk in the corner together <3

    Hannah x

  2. You have the best clothes and I have also fell in love with that scarf! Been looking for one just like it!
    Awwh you should defiantly go to the Motel party, so lucky to live close to the events! It will cost me around £100 to travel down!


  3. oh i love this especially the 3rd!
    so good!


  4. I hope you went to the Motel party! But I understand how you feel, bloggers are so pretty, but so are you! I love the white shirt and the tartan skirt :)

    XOXO Sade

  5. I really like it!


  6. love the clash of tarten x stripes it works so well! you dress so incredibly perfect aimee gah :-( xxxx

    1. Aha no I don't :P but Thank you dear xxxx

  7. The tartan and stripe combo looks amazing, especially pair with the collar from the under shirt. Lovely post!

  8. amazing scarf! I'm so into tartan this season

  9. love the scarf and the jumper! the clash works really well, i never think of putting things like this together! x

  10. That skirt is amazing! Definitely putting that on my Christmas list :) following your blog now xx


  11. I'm lovin all that plaid! great style

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