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So it's Black Friday, a day where everyone goes mad trampling each other in the sales a single day after being thankful for what they already have, oh America. All the sales and reductions are killing me as I am poor as hell at the moment so I'm having to completely ban myself from even looking at online stores, the only bit of shopping I was tempted into was this playsuit from Topshop! I've been after a pinafore dress for forever but I love the idea of a playsuit and the shape of it is perfect ! you can also still get a free lipstick on Topshop's website with the code "3MILLIONKISSES" which is a lovely little bonus.

The biggest news for me this week is I have began a course of Roaccutane, I'm absolutely terrified of all the side effects it can cause but after speaking to so many people who have been on the drug the results in the end all seem worth the initial hell so fingers crossed I've finally found a solution for my skin. I'm only on day three and my skin or lips haven't started to dry up yet but I'm dreading the chapped laps and skin, my skins incredibly dry anyway so I can't help but imagine I'm going to look like some sort of peeling lizard a few weeks into the course, anyway it would be great to hear from any one who has ever been accutane before !


  1. I looove that playsuit! They have a tartan one which I really want too, argh! These sales are killing me too!
    This outfit is so perfect :)


    1. ooh yeah I loved the tartan one too but they didn't have my size to try it on :(


  2. you have such incredible style!
    it's really quirky!
    an you're so pretty, major envy.
    i love your blog, i've just started following and can't wait to see your next post.
    hope you can pop over and say hello, it'd be lovely to hear from you.
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  3. That playsuit is so cute! It's a really simple outfit but looks really great.
    I'm crossing my fingers that the side effects won't be too bad. Take care! :]

  4. I need this right now.

    So adorable.


  5. I'm Kat. I've just found your blog and think it's ace. And agh! Just yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to make something like this playsuit and now I won't have to! It's still online :) How do you find the fit?

    1. Heyy this is a size 6 and it fits perfectly ! its a little snug around the waist but I think any bigger and the pinafore would have been too loose around the chest x

  6. Okay I now need this playsuit in my life! it's so perfect and the cut is stunning

    Chloe xo


  7. Absolutely adore your style. This, like all your outfit posts, is just simple, clean outfits styled to perfection!

    1. ah thank you this is such a lovely comment :)))

  8. I love this playsuit and am such a big fan of the pinafore style right now. I have the JW Anderson for Topshop pinafore dress and wear it a lot so I may just have to add this one to my topshop wish list, it's really similar to the Boutique stuff, which I love!
    I started on Roaccutane 7 weeks ago mainly to get rid of all the acne scarring I have from years ago as I haven't suffered from actual acne for about 3 years. I think it was roughly a week in when my skin started to really bother me, like itching and peeling but after about week 5 its stopped and much more bearable now. The bobby brown lip balm is the only thing that helps my lips - it's a life saver. Plus everyone has been noticing a massive improvement in my skin which is the main thing! I'm just scared I'll fall into the trap of the winter blues but am trying to keep positive! I hope it helps you! x

  9. First I have to say, DON'T WORRY about the Roaccutane! My boyfriend was on a 6 month course, and now his skin is literally blemish free. It's incredible, the results are amazing. His skin cleared up even at 4 months, and now it's been a while since he came off it. While the chapped lips do suck, just keep on reapplying the lipbalm. All the side effects go in about a month. You'll be so happy afterwards, I promise. Also, the fact you can pull of a cute little pinafore makes me very very jealous. Adore you and your blog so much! x

  10. This is so gorgeous, girl. I love this outfit! Hope the Roaccutane is working for you x


  11. OMG!!! absolutely wonderful.
    I love your blog.. now i follow.



  12. Love this combo!!

    Chloemandrell.blogspot.com xx