So I was barely conscious receiving my ASOS delivery this morning as it arrived at an alarming quarter to 8! , I appreciate the great service ASOS but jesus christ I hadn't been to bed long. At least it was a kick up the bum to get me up and at it today as my uni deadline is creeping up and I have a ton of work still to do.

The glasses are all for a shoot I'm planning tomorrow as additional work needed for our final portfolio's, I say "planning" I haven't got a clue what I'm doing or a concept to even justify it but I'm aiming to try and shoot a Karen Walker-esque high end eye wear editorial, however, instead of sourcing high end eyewear I've just gone for a shop on ASOS,  putting a load of effort in to this as you can tell. 
I also added a few other purchases to my basket to qualify for free delivery, this is one of the shirts that I'm completely undecided on. I think it's one of those things that I would just like to own but never actually wear, so I'll probably send it back. But what do you think? it does look a bit too like pyjamas doesn't it? Oww I'm so unsure...


  1. I really like the shirt, it has a boxy shape and suits your frame. Also i think the cut and shade of your hair will really compliment the colours and shape of the shirt :)

    1. Aww thank you lovely !, I didn't even think of that as I tried it on with my bed head main all clipped up, think I'll have to go try it on again :)

  2. Such a cute shirt! looking darling on you :)

  3. love the sunnies! xx


  4. the shirt is incredible!

  5. I see what you mean about not 'actually' wearing it as this thought often goes through my mind. But the shape of this shirt is so nice and quite different, I can see it being worn with something like an all black outfit as a statement piece :)

  6. Love Love Love the glasses! xx